In the same spirit as the industry's widely accepted lossless FLAC file type, Sonos has released a completely free-to-use simple Pythonic interface for libFLAC. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a free lossless, not lossy or proprietary like pay-for-play formats, file type that compresses digitzed audio without any loss in sound quality. pyFLAC allows you to encode and decode raw audio data directly to/from a file, or in real-time using callbacks. Supported platforms include MacOS, Linux, RPi Zero/2/3/4, and of course Windows 7/8/10. pyFLAC comes bundled with a command line tool to quickly convert between WAV and FLAC files. Sonos has made their pyFLAC widely available for music lovers to use and enjoy without cost to you or the recording industry.

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