Sound United Acquires Onkyo and Pioneer!

Sound United is poised to create what some would say is a monopoly of the consumer based home theater industry! If the merger goes through, Sound United will acquire Onkyo Electronics, which also means Pioneer and Integra. Will this be good for consumers or will we now get FOUR of the same receivers just rebranded with a different name? We see a bright future for Sound United and consumers. Read on to find out why.

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Privacy Now! The Destructive Influence of Big Data Surveillance

This is the final installment in our ongoing look at the upcoming 5G revolution. We'll look at how our lack of privacy online began in the early days of Google and how it's used to manipulate us with the promise of personalization through behavioral data collection. We each get a unique Internet experience through search and social media, designed to shock as with a skewed version of reality based on our own biases to keep us angry, and engaging with ads. The result is tearing democracy apart with online outrage. But all is not lost, with an election year coming, we already see momentum behind meaningful online privacy regulations that could nip this problem in the bud, before the 5G Internet of Things technologies brings the relentless online spying to the world outside.

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Green Book

If your crystal ball predicted that someday the writer/director of There's Something About Mary would take home an Academy Award for Best Picture, let's hope you bet big and didn't smash the thing. Peter Farrelly's Green Book is an emotional smorgasbord, one that would no doubt be appreciated by its ever-famished "hero," Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen). He's a gleefully ignorant yet strangely lovable tough guy (what my people would call a cavone), albeit one who needs to learn a thing or two about race relations. Tony gets his chance when, on a hiatus from his job as a bouncer at The Copacabana, he's hired to chauffeur piano virtuoso Dr. Don Shirley (two-time Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali)—a black man—on a concert tour of the Deep South in 1962.

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