Chord Electronics has announced 2go (£995), a high-performance streamer/server designed to transform Hugo 2 into a fully featured Wi-Fi and Ethernet-enabled device. In addition to Hi-Res music streaming, 2go also benefits from 2x 2 TB-rated SD card slots for digital storage and playback, enabling Hugo 2 as a high-capacity solid-state digital music server (using MPD), all from a compact, space-saving and highly portable device. 2go is more than just an enabling device for Hugo 2, however. Chord Electronics has also developed 2yu (£449), a digital interface that connects to 2go to provide four digital outputs (USB, TosLink optical, S/PDIF coaxial and BNC), effectively making Chord Electronics' 2go and 2yu a standalone Chord Electronics streamer/server, to be used with any compatible DAC or digital-input device. The 2go/2yu duo can also benefit from the Hugo M Scaler's 768kHz upscaling.
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